Sometimes I get some ideas, that can seem just a bit crazy. Sometimes these ideas might even be a tiny bit extra crazy. The worst – and best – thing about these ideas is that once they have planted themselves in my mind, I cant seem to let them go. I had such an idea  recently.

One late evening in the spring I enjoyed a nice glass of wine with a good friend. Or… As a fact I believe we enjoyed a few bottles of nice wine. At one point the conversation falls on tattoos. Surprisingly, my friend had a very inspiring passion for tattoos. I told her that I for some time had thought about getting a tattoo myself. One that would reflect who I am as a person. A person with a happy and positive approach to life. At the same time I wanted it to be a drawing or a symbol, that could be a reminder to myself to fight for what I believe in.

The minut I said it out loud, it was clear to me that I would have Walter tattooed on my arm! To me, Walter had already become a symbol of following your dreams no matter how unlikely or impossible they might seem. At the same time Walter was my Token of Happiness. The whole idea of Walter was, that no matter the circumstances he would always smile. There was no doubt! I wanted Walter the Whale tattooed on my arm.
My friend obviously thought it was a fantastic idea and immediately drew a Walter on my arm. Probably a very good thing, that this drawing was made with a normal the pen.


Now there was only one a very small and relatively insignificant obstacle in this very exciting project. It would be my first tattoo and my sweet and loving mother did not like the idea of me having a tattoo. But who actually has a mother who thinks having a tattoo is a good idea?

Another good friend was going to have a tattoo herself, so I jumped in as well. Slightly spontaneously, but what the heck. I was bursting with excitement! I totally loved my new happy tattoo!

Now I just needed to break the news to my mother … “Timing is everything” I heard. So when does someone present his mother the his first tattoo? On Mother’s Day off course – flowers, chocolates and the news of a brand new tattoo! What could go wrong 🙂


My mother really liked the chocolate! And she loved the flowers! The tattoo on the other hand … Well, after I was disinherited, Im just extra motivated to succeed with Design by Witt.

In the end however, my mother forgave me and she likes Walter on my arm.
The tattoo has given me everything I had hoped for. It is a daily reminder to follow your dreams and fight for what you believe in.
At the same time I am proud to carry my own brand on my arm. It’s all about commitment and passion! #Beyourbrand


Thank you much to Charlotte Bee from Iron & Ink  for the super cool tattoo. And Thank you to Warmdal Blomster for the beautiful flowers.

Read on in the next blog post, where you can read about the daily life as an entrepreneur and the challenges it offers.

In the meantime you can read all about how Design by Witt started right here: From real estate agent to entrepreneur & From real estate agent to entrepreneur – part 2

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