Design by Witt is a Danish design company based in the heart of Copenhagen. “Happy by Nature” is one of the core values for the young company founded by thecreative talent Martin Witt. At Design by Witt we are passionate about wooden creations. We combine beautiful Danish design traditions, with a refreshing and positive twist.



Martin Witt grew up playing in his fathers workshop in the Northern parts of Zealand. His inspiration originates from these beautiful surroundings, bordering the woods of Gribskov. Martin has always been fascinated by the nature, which has also been a straightforwardinspiration for his works and designs.




It was in the fathers workshop the idea for Design by Witt was manifested and established. Here Martin originally started to craft his designs. The workshop is still used for developing new designs, as well as making special editions. In this workshop, surrounded by pieces of wood, sawdust, the smell of wood and all kinds of utensils and tools, the different designs and ideas come to life on the work bench. At first as funny and quirky characters. Then slowly adapted, refined and adjusted until the design feels just right.



Happiness is our vision. We wish to spread happiness in the modern home, through an elegant design.


”Based on a sincere passion for the simple design, the idea has always been to create a different, unique and positive expression, reflecting a loving and optimistic approach to life.”

                                                      – Martin Witt

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Witt, nice to see you on this challenge path. I am pride of you and hope you have a nice and happy life my friend !!!
    Cheers and take care, I liked a lot your blog man.


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